For the record we’re Two Libras, One Capricorn, One Aquarius, One Aries, One Taurus/Gemini Cusp

Aries - Selfish Prick

Taurus - Stubborn Asshole

Gemini - Annoying Attention-Whore

Cancer - Moody Jerk

Leo - Egotistical Douchebag

Virgo - Neurotic Bitch

Libra - Flaky Derelict

Scorpio - Obsessive Twat

Sagittarius - Awkward Fucktard

Capricorn -Greedy Emo

Aquarius - Perverted Psychopath

Pisces - Whiny Bimbo

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The new video is here. Enjoy.


A Summer Tour is Upon Us

Dates this August up and down the West Coast! W/HLYR (formerly Palm Reader)…

8/20 - Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA

8/22 - Ella St. Social Club, Portland, OR

8/23 - Funhouse, Seattle, WA

8/24 - TBA, Olympia, WA

8/26 - The Where House, Sacramento, CA

8/27 - Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

More details as we have them!


The Agenda, 2012 Part 2

Jeff Vincent has just posted one of the best pieces written about the band at Dirty Hippie Radio - many things Myonics past, present and future are discussed. A must-read for any MYNX enthusiast.

To reiterate and confirm parts of Jeff’s article, we are planning to have our live album, compiled from tapes of 2011 and 2012 shows, entitled Hell on Earth, complete for an early summer release for FREE on the bandcamp. This album features performances solely by the current incarnation of the band, and will chiefly feature previously unreleased songs as a teaser for the next couple albums.

To clarify, we will be releasing “I Don’t Care” as a single - free as an MP3 download and not-free as a very limited edition 7” with a B-side TBA. Additional details on the fourth album, Orchestra 1, are forthcoming.

Upcoming shows: open-house at Temple Randolph Studios in SF Friday, June 22 with a spectacular lineup (Pamela, Big Hurt, Catharsis for Cathedral, Neighbors). Find the Facebook invite here. We will be playing Matt Holdaway’s show on Berkeley Liberation Radio (104.1 FM) the following Sunday, June 24. There will also be an on-air interview and acoustic session at Mutiny Radio Saturday, June 30.

Lastly, the plans for a late summer tour are gradually becoming less vague. Please watch the Appearances page as gigs are booked.


Recent Press….

SF Bay Guardian features a Tiger-beat style interview with the band

Styrofoam Drone gives a song-by-song analysis of “Pagans”

Money Talk$ praises our business plan


"Pagans" Special Edition….no two are exactly alike!


Listen to Pagans in full here.


Album Release Details

Hello. Our album “Pagans" is out today. An word on the release details:

This Thursday in San Francisco at Milk Bar (1840 Haight St. at Stanyan) is our “release show” for the record (openers are Ape Machine and Tiger Honey Pot). At the Milk Bar show we will be playing the album from start to finish and recording it for a possible release.

Additionally, this being our official release date, we are happy to announce the album’s SPECIAL EDITION. Myonics have been collecting and personalizing occult figurines, folk objects, stolen mantlepieces etc., to which we have affixed download codes for the new record. These are available to ship TODAY and will be on sale at Milk Bar. Pictures will be posted via these channels later this evening; the objects on sale will include those on the cover of the record. (The lion, however, is unavailable for personal reasons.) This is a VERY LIMITED EDITION release with a quantity of around 40 available ($8 - $15 on a sliding scale); get them while they’re hot.

We will also be selling, in very limited quantity (approximately 15 while supplies last), a deluxe special edition that includes the VINYL, A SPECIAL EDITION COPY and a WALLET SIZE shot of the current lineup of the band from our photo shoot last year (see here) for $25.

Lastly, as of today, we will be reducing the download cost of the record to $6 until this time next month as a special introductory price.


P.S. - the single “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You” is no longer available on Bandcamp (as the superior master of it appears on our record for the same price). Thanks to all who listened.





The new album is complete. The tracks are Hello, Why Not Now, I Don’t Give A Fuck About You, Over Oakland, Trees Fruit Bushes and Birds, Dressed Up In Drag, Never Another, A Song, ProfR, and There’s Nobody There. The lineup is Brian Davy, Nat Futterman, Adam Healton, Qonnie Kim, Jasper Leach, Tom Meagher, Young Rao and Michael Vattuone with Emily Brundige, Gregory McGarry, Eric Mohammed and Liam Morrison. It was produced by Jasper Leach and mixed (as well as partially engineered) by Brian Davy at Temple Randolph in San Francisco.


Please contact themyonics AT gmail DOT com.

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