Things Other People Say About Us

Eardrums Pop finds “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You” reminiscent of Elephant6

Loud Locker announces the release of “I Don’t Care” single

Dirty Hippie Radio tries to explain it all in a comprehensive history and interview with Jasper

Styrofoam Drone analyzes the whole of Pagans

Alan Cross (Canada) shortlists us with The Beach Boys for a weekly playlist.

The Music (Australia)’s Dan Condon mistakes us for Cleveland band Pagans (RIP) and subsequently loves our album of the same name.

SF Guardian asks us some silly questions for Localized Appreesh

ashbees’ fragments (Japan) basically reblogs below.

Night Fog Reader announces “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You” single, terms us “East Bay awkward muckrackers.”

San Francisco Chronicle tells people to come to our pre-Thanksgiving show: “I don’t know the lyrics, but the vibe of the music is confidence and bliss.”

Sean Carnage calls us “the best last band on earth” in an in-depth interview and article on the band

SF Weekly calls us part of some regional heritage because we play psychedelic music

Sick of the Radio says O Africa, Brave Africa is “definantly worth checking out” (sic)

The Informed Conformist calls O Africa, Brave Africa “one of the most familiar albums you’ll hear this year, as well as one of the freshest.”

LA Record happens to see us at the Fauxchella festival where we replaced Abe Vigoda


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